About Top Up Industry in Taiwan

Top-Up Industry Corporation of Taiwan is a certified manufacturer of electronic parts that was founded in 1992. For over 20 years, we have had the privilege to manufacture electronic parts for individuals and businesses worldwide. These parts include switches, attenuators, potentiometers, SMT jacks, and remote controls. We even manufacturer customized electronic parts for those clients who send their particular specifications for what they want to get created. Our parts are mainly used in everyday electronic appliances, car electronics and all kinds of information equipment. Often times the original manufacturers of these devices have either gone out of business or have discontinued the original product purchased by the customer. So these customers don’t have many options left if they want to repair their devices. They could purchase an entirely new device, but that will cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. It is much better to hire a third party manufacturer like Top-Up Industry Corporation because developing customized parts is our primary business model. If you go to your local retail hardware store to purchase these parts then you will be buying generic versions of them. The last thing you want is generic electronic parts because they won’t likely be compatible with the sophisticated infrastructure of your appliance. This will not only fail to fix the problem, but it could make the problem worse by damaging other components in your appliance. Therefore, customized electronic parts that specifically cater to your appliance’s needs is the only way to go.

Top-Up Industry Corporation of Taiwan has received numerous international certifications that guarantees safety from all the electronic parts shipped to our global customers. Not only that, but our quality control team makes sure all the parts are designed the exact way you want them. This guarantees that it will work for you upon its arrival. If you want to find out more information on our company or products then you can either call our offices in Taiwan at (886 3) 3380787 or you can simply send us an email inquiry at sales@top-up.com.tw. Please feel free to visit our other websites for additional information. Custom Electronic Parts Taiwan Potentiometers