Many people use potentiometers everyday in their electronic devices without even realizing it. Of course they only see them as nothing more than a knob that they turn to adjust various settings or controls on their device. For example, if you have a loudspeaker then it contains a potentiometer to control the volume. Television and computer monitors also have potentiometers because they control the brightness that you see on the screen.

The scientific description of a potentiometer is a manually adjustable three terminal resistor. These are primarily what control the level of electrical output in your devices. A shorter name for potentiometers is “pots.” These may seem like complicated gadgets, but they are actually quite simple to understand. One terminal of the device connects to a power source and the second terminal is just a neutral point with no voltage. The third terminal is the main connection between the neutral terminal and the power source terminal. This is the terminal that people control by turning a level or knob which sticks out of the device. You might think the knob is just a little circular button but it actually has extensive internal components inside your electronic devices.

At Top-Up Industry Corporation, we have all kinds of potentiometers available to purchase for your specific device’s needs, such as slide pots with motors, rotary pots, trimmers, wirewounds and joysticks. We are sure that whatever kind of potentiometer you need, we have one available that will be compatible with your device. The models you see listed on the site come with blueprints that you can download or view through a PDF file. This should help you determine if it is the right potentiometer model for you or not. If you want verification of this you can always email our customer service department with the specific brand and model number of the device you need the potentiometer for. This is highly recommended before ordering, especially if you are unfamiliar with potentiometers and the electrical requirements of your device.

Top-Up Industry Corporation is one of the few companies in Taiwan that develops customized potentiometers. If you have a unique electronic device that requires a potentiometer which you cannot find anywhere else, then let us know and we will create the potentiometer for you. It doesn’t even matter if you need one potentiometer or a hundred because we can serve any order size that you had in mind.

For more information, send us an email at: sales@top-up.com.tw