The remote controls of Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Top-Up Industry Corporation are top quality devices which are compatible with just about any electronic device that you have. Our remote controls not only have different designs and styles to them, but they also have different amounts of keys as well. We have 8 key, 13 key, 24 key, 28 key, 30 key, 36 key, 46 key, and 47 key remote controls. The size you choose should really depend on the amount of controls that your device has. For example, if you have an older television then you will only have controls for things like volume, channel, power, and mute. In this situation you would likely need to get a smaller 8 key remote control. However, if you have one of the newest high definition smart televisions then it will likely have dozens of controls. This means you will need the 46-key or 47-key remote control. All remotes use an infrared signal transmission through the PPM method. We have remotes that are slim, waterproof, touch screen and more.

Top-Up Industry Corporation is not just another electronics company selling a universal remote control. We are custom designers of electronic parts and accessories. This means we create unique remote controls that cater to your specific device while giving the exterior a whole new design and feel to it. But in order for us to create a custom remote control for your device, we need you to send us the circuit diagram of the device along with the key matrix and code table. We will create and assign custom codes for the remote control in order to prevent any chance of malfunction between the remote control unit and the electronic device you are using it on. We will also require you to submit a receiver unit. That way our quality control team can test out the remote control to make sure there is reception. This will ensure that we create a custom remote which is guaranteed to work for you.

Top-Up Industry Corporation has been designing custom remote controls for over 30 years. We are one of the industry leaders in manufacturing custom electronic parts in Taiwan. Our client base ranges to both individuals and companies from all around the world. Whether you need to purchase one remote control or a hundred, we can accommodate any of your needs. Simply send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our remote controls.
Remote Controls Made in Taiwan